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Closed Loop vs. Open Loop

Closed Loop Geothermal Energy Systems


Closed loop geothermal systems have become more and more popular because they solved a variety of problems that came with installing an open loop system. First of all, the closed loop system is an easier system to maintain and will last much longer because it has fewer moving parts and is less dependent on the many factors that go into an open loop system.

You don't need a constant supply of clean water.
You don't need a place to dump the used water.
You don't need to test the water quality of multiple wells.

The closed loop system is filled with a water that has a nontoxic anti freeze liquid that gets pumped into the ground where it absorbs the heat and then pumps it back into the house. There are two types of close loop systems: vertical and horizontal systems. The vertical systems are the ones we recommend because it takes up less of your land and has less chance of damage and exposure when it's located deeper in the ground. A horizontal system could be less expensive, but  it means digging up a big chunk of your yard.closed_loop_system_vertical.gifCourtesy of U.S. Dept. of Energy


Open Loop Geothermal

We do less and less of these kinds of systems because they don't have the lasting power or the ease of maintenance found with the closed loop systems. They require an ample source of ground water because they need to be pumping constantly to provide water to the system. Additionally, there needs to be a place to dump the used water and return it to the water table.

Every site is different, so call us and we'll see what type of a geothermal system will fit your energy needs and pocketbook. We have installed New Hampshire's second largest geothermal system at Plymouth State, so we know what we can do to help you save on fuel and help the environment.

 open_loop_system.gifCourtesy of U.S. Dept. of Energy

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are gaining in popularity because it is an economical and sustainable heat and cooling source. In NH, MA, and ME you can call us now to find out how you can make these advantages work for you— Comac Pump & Well. LLC (800) 343-1411

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