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Install a Geothermal Energy System at Your Commercial Building Site

A Sustainable Way for Your Business to Save Money and Energy

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a great investment for commercial buildings in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Geothermal energy can save enough money on heating and cooling costs that you'll get your money back in three to five years. They're simple to use—no boilers, furnaces, or roof top chillers. The simplicity of the design also means it'll last three times longer than a conventional furnace/boiler set up. Saving money on energy and maintenance are two great reasons to go with a geothermal energy systems, but another important benefit is reducing your commercial site's carbon footprint.

We are an IGSHPA certified installer and driller and that means we can provide you with the expertise and equipment for the whole project from planning to design to installation.

Research the opportunities available to New Hampshire and Maine businesses to get tax incentives, grants, and loan programs to help your business finance this upgrade in your facility.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems could be the answer to your high energy bills and energy conservation goals. If you are building a new commercial structure and are considering a geothermal system, then call us for an estimate and more information on your cost savings over the next five years. If you own or manage an older building, call us about doing a retrofit that will bring your building into the 21st century. Call us now to find out more at Comac Pump & Well (800) 343-1411


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