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Water Well Repairs for NH, ME, and MA Homes or Businesses

When Your Water Well is Not Doing Well

Your water well might have been damaged and that's why it isn't producing enough water. We understand that life happens and something unforeseen can happen to your water well. We've seen a wide variety of ways for a well to get damaged (and we'll probably see more). Or, you might have purchased a piece of property and need to have the water well evaluated for possible repair or replacement. Every situation with water wells that are damaged is unique. Our years of experience in the drilling, repairing, replacing, siting, and decommissioning of wells is a great resource in helping you evaluate your damaged water well situation.

We have three generations of experience in repairing artesian water wells and dug wells for hundreds of customers in the New Hampshire, Maine, and MA area. Call Comac Pump & Well at (800) 343-1411 for an evaluation and estimate.

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