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Water Well Contract Checklist

 Hire a Contractor Based on Value and Not on Price—You'll Be Happy You Did!


Water Well Contract Check List


  • 220 drillineDoes the contract have the contractor's business address and state license number ?

  • Does the contract have a written proposal that details the following:

    • Responsibility for obtaining all necessary permits

    • What work is to be done

    • Materials to be used (casing type, drilling muds, etc.)

    • The charge for drilling (cost per foot)

    • Type of equipment to be installed

    • The terms of any contractor or manufacturer guarantee on the well and well equipment

    • The expected date for starting and completing the work

    • Payment schedule

    • Details of client and contractor responsibility for site access and site clean-up

  • Is there proof of the contractor's liability insurance while working on your job. This protects you against:

    • personal injury to you or others

    • damage to your property

    • damage to the property of others

  • Is there proof of worker's compensation insurance to protect the contractor's employees or sub-contractors while working on your job

Make sure that the bids and estimates you get from water well contractors are for comparable materials, service, and guarantee. Remember that your water well system is a permanent fixture of your property; repairing shoddy work or sub-standard equipment is going to be way more expensive down the road then spending the money right now. We get called out to fix low bid jobs all the time, so do the wise thing and don't base your selection of contractor on the price alone.


What to Expect in the First 30 Days of a New Well

The drilling process consists of going through rock formations and other natural materials that don't normally get disturbed—you will experience some irregularities and that's perfectly normal.

  • Upon completion of the well, it is sanitized to destroy contaminants associated with the process.

  • After the installation of the pump, it is sanitized again.

  • The well must "rest" for at least 36 hours (this is crucial to the sanitation process and if ignored, will not kill coliform bacteria). DO NOT attempt to flush the well out before this time.

  • After 36 hours, normal pattern water usage may resume.

  • You may experience an unpleasant odor at this point, this is the sanitizer and it will dissipate and flush out within 7-14 days.

  • During the first 3 weeks of pump usage the sanitizer may have an adverse affect on laundry, especially whites and some colors.

  • Upon running the water for the first month, it may be cloudy and/or brownish and may have some or lots of sediment.

  • These irregularities may take up to 30 days to clear up and sometimes they do not clear up at all.

  • If after 30 days there is still staining, odor, or sediment, a water filtration system may be necessary. Our trained staff can assist you on all applications and pricing for filtration equipment.

We've been installing artesian water wells and dug wells for hundreds of customers in the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine area for over thirty years. Call Comac Pump & Well at (800) 343-1411 for a consultation and estimate.

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